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Civil War Artillery
by Harry Ridgeway

Rifled artillery projectile, Read 5.8in.
Artillery 5160 Read 5.8in.

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All projectiles listed have been disarmed.

Most information on this page is from:
Field Artillery Projectiles of the American Civil War, 1993 Edition. by Thomas S. Dickey and Peter C. George.
Civil War Heavy Explosive Ordnance, A Guide to Large Artillery Prjectiles, Torpedoes, and Mines, by Jack Bell.
Artillery Fuses of the Civil War, by Charles H. Jones.
Pictures are by the author, unless otherwise indicated.

Weapons used:
Rifled 24 pounder gun, 5.82in. is caliber of the gun, 6 grooves, projectile diameter should measure 5.78in. approximately, variations will be noted.

Artillery 5161 Read shell experimental 5.8in.
Rifled artillery projectile, Read design, prewar manufacture, bursting shell, experimental pattern with flanges, sabot system with air vents and flanges, blind fuze plug, rifled 24 pounder gun, 5.8in.
Apparently this was an experimental shell developed by Dr Read in collaboration with James. The shell is cast with six thin flanges, air holes are positioned on the bottom beneath the flanges, the idea was that the firing would expand the flanges into rifling. The shell was equipped with a blind fuze plug and has an empty cavity, the sabot system was being tested and as it failed, development of this pattern was abandoned before a fusing and bursting system were attempted. Projectile has 6 precast flanges and bottom vent holes. Projectile measures: diameter 5.7in., length9.5in., weight 34lbs.
Reference: Bell Heavy Ordnance, page 340.

Projectile measures: diameter 5.7in., length9.5in., weight 34lbs. Metal is solid. Recovered: Fort Monroe test range, this is the onlyexample known.
Reference: Bell Heavy Ordnance, page 340, actual example published.

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