Civil War Relicman,
Harry Ridgeway

Winchester, Virginia USA, changed hands 70 times in the Civil War!
authentic Civil War relics, bought and sold

Civil War artillery, Relicman sales catalog.
All items listed are authentic to the Civil War or as otherwise described.
All artillery items listed have been disarmed.
Any excavated relics have been recovered from private property with owners permission.

A0754...Rifled artillery projectile, Sawyer design, Federal manufacture, solid bolt, lead sabot with lead sleeve, smooth sided, Sawyer rifle, 3.67 in. Projectile was manufactured in the Federal arsenals, following the design of Addison M Sawyer. The sabot system was designed with a massive lead sabot covering the entire base and the sides. The design apparently proved unsatisfactory because the excessive lead consumed would gum up the bore on the cannon, and the elasticity of the lead probably lessened the dispersion of fragments, it was tested at Port Hudson, and then apparently abandoned. This pattern was cast without flanges, bottom is tapered, sides are smooth. Base is stamped "PATENTED NOVEMBER 13, 1855". Sabot if fired will show six weak lands and grooves, a pattern unique to the Sawyer rifle. The massive lead sabot tended to soften or melt in firing, hence the rifling is usually obscured.
Reference: Dickey & George, Field Artillery (1993 Edition), pg. 294.

Projectile measures: diameter 3. 6in., length 7in., weight 15.6lbs. Lead sabot is fired, and shows 6 lands and grooves and distortion from firing. Patent date in base is partly readable. Projectile is disarmed, casting is solid iron. Recovered: Port Hudson, Louisiana.
For sale............ $700.
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