Civil War Relicman,
Harry Ridgeway

Winchester, Virginia USA, changed hands 70 times in the Civil War!
authentic Civil War relics, bought and sold

Civil War artillery, Relicman sales catalog.
All items listed are authentic to the Civil War or as otherwise described.
All artillery items listed have been disarmed.
Any excavated relics have been recovered from private property with owners permission.

A1149...Rifled artillery projectile, Schenkl design, Federal manufacture, bursting shell, "common" (standard), short pattern with grooved tail, paper sleeve sabot, Schenkl percussion fuze, rifled 6 pounder smoothbore, 3.67 in. Projectile was manufactured in the Federal arsenals, following the design of John P. Schenkl. The sabot system consisted of a "forcing cone" paper sleeve, which was intended to expand into the rifling, then flutter away on release. Problems with the paper absorbing moisture or swelling and blocking passage of the flame on firing rendered it impractical with time fuzes and so it saw limited application. This short pattern was intended for the rifled six pounder and has six grooved ribs to secure the sabot. Usually this pattern is a "common" or standard round and will not be filled with balls , and with a percussion fuze it was designed to detonate after striking enemy cannon or equipment. Fuze employed was a Schenkl Army percussion fuze , removable cap had a slider and percussion cap, head is 1.22in.or 1.25in., 10 threads per inch, marked "JP SCHENKL / PAT OCT 16 1861", Jones pg. 98 or 99., top of the fuze hole is milled flat.
Reference: Dickey & George, Field Artillery (1993 Edition), pg. 307.

Projectile measures: diameter 3.6in., length 8.5in. (excluding the fuze), weight 10.4.lbs. Schenkl percussion fuze is intact. Projectile is disarmed, drill hole through the side. Recovered: Port Hudson, Louisiana, by Emile Mancuso.
For sale............ $450.
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