Civil War Relicman,
Harry Ridgeway

Winchester, Virginia USA, changed hands 70 times in the Civil War!
authentic Civil War relics, bought and sold

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All items listed are authentic to the Civil War or as otherwise described.
All artillery items listed have been disarmed.
Any excavated relics have been recovered from private property with owners permission.

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Ridgeway Civil War Research Center,
A virtual examination of artifacts of the American Civil War
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Shipping of artillery shells and my show schedule:
Shipping shells almost anywhere is not a problem. UPS accepts packages up to 150 pounds, this will take care of most shells below 8 inch Parrotts and 13 inch round balls. Heavier than that requires common carrier. I charge shipping at estimated commercial cost. I attend some shows and I can deliver any shell to a show to be picked up at no charge. However, please understand that I only bring a small sampling of shells to sit on my table at a show, these things are heavy to haul in and out of a show, and so most shells I bring to a show are making a one way trip. So while I may have many shells on my webpage, I typically bring only a limited sampling to the shows. So if you see a shell you want, please tell me you want it before I leave for a show, and I can bring it for you or work a layaway with final payment to be made at the show.

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