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Fakes, reproductions, replicas,

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FP0730     CSA Buckle, may be Bannerman manufacture
P0730.jpg (21378 bytes) P0730B.jpg (23950 bytes)
Measures 41.5mm to 41.9mm (plate is not square) X 61.2mm
This CSA plate was sold in 2001 as part of a large box of plates (there were a couple hundred in the box) claimed to be Bannerman recast plates. There was some original Bannerman paper work suggesting that this plate is an "original" "Bannerman". It is at least 3rd or 4th generation casting. Thousands of these plates were produced in the 1960's or earlier.

Editor Note;  I purchased this plate from a dealer in 2001 for $10, it was advertised as a Bannerman product.  I actually think this may be a copy of one of Bannerman's copies, and not an "original" Bannerman