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an investigative report, by Harry Ridgeway 

Fakes, reproductions, replicas,

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FP1635     CS two part buckle, Virginia style 

Two part Virginia style is noted for the straight back, somewhat fat rounded letters, laurel leaf wreath, generally relatively well made probably for officers.   Example is dirt covered, likely a marriage.  The tongue appears to have been  bent severely, then straightened giving the appearance of a step up in the back  not normally seen.  The tongue could be repaired at the neck.   Recovered: not known   Tongue keeper 47.0mm, wreath keeper 47.0mm, wreath height 47.1mm Ref: Mullinax (Expanded Edition) Plate 011 or 012 likely fake.  The tongue could be real but is likely bent and repaired.  The wreath could be repro, it shares some similarity to Hanover Brass pattern, CS2P10, but is not definite. 

Editor note:  This buckle was submitted for evaluation and rejected.  So is this fake or real, comments and opinions solicited