Fakes, reproductions, replicas,
an investigative report, by Harry Ridgeway 

Fakes, reproductions, replicas,
GMI button, Albert SU126

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Original is high dome one piece stamped button with applied shank.  It is an 1830's style bearing the inscription "GMI"  It is a relatively scarce button, but purpose has never been definitely proven, as most collectors believe this predates the Georgia Military Institute in Marietta Ga.   

F1063      GMI one piece button

Picture was submitted by Jim Dews, who wrote: 
"I came across a fake 1-piece cast brass GMI coat button this week. It had an aged patina and looked right. Upon closer inspection the details just didn't look right, especially the CA in cadet and the G in GMI. The letters were not clear enough. When I measured it with calipers it was not quite 19 mm in size as it should have been, but closer to 18 mm. The backmark was correct, the shank was correct, and the overall button was for the most part correct looking. However, the button in question was definitely a fake/reproduction. One of the helpful reproduction brass casting companies out there has made 1-piece GMI cadet buttons. At least one of these has been nicely aged."

Dan Binder wrote:  "There have been several of these floating around and I believe there is even one currently listed on one of the relic websites (it's listed as original). They look good at first glance but closer inspection reveals that they have been cast of an original button. The detail is just a bit "soft" and the all look old and grubby -- as a result of chemical aging and foreign matter trapped in the casting. Also, they aren't gilded as are the original buttons. Be careful if considering a purchase of a one-piece GMI button!

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