Fakes, reproductions, replicas,
an investigative report, by Harry Ridgeway 

Fakes, reproductions, replicas,
CS two piece buckle, pointed serif, Confederate plates 007 and 008

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F1462      CS two part buckle, pointed serif style, manufactured by Historical Reproductions 

Tongue keeper:  47.7mm
Wreath keeper:  48.6mm
Wreath height:   48.7mm

Editor note: Plate was obtained directly from Historical Reproductions, Jeff Posey, as a sample of his production to be used in this presentation Maker marks are present but they are weak.  

Original is likely a variation of Plate 006 (or vice versa) serif is pointed, letters are distinct, tongue is stepped up.

Editor Note:  The plate photographed as Plate 008 in the Mullinax book is disputed!  Gary Williams has told numerous people over the years, including me, that he made the buckle photographed.  I do not know if this is true or not, however the buckle photographed does measure small according to the text.  However it is dirt covered and there is really no way to match the detailed flaws on that plate.  This is one of the tricks of the trade, if you put enough dirt on a piece it will hide a lot.  I know a lot of collectors like the dirt look, but you really need to get the crud off of these buckles to know what you have.  Most collectors consider that it is desirable to leave the dark patina, however. You do not have to damage the patina to take the mud off.

F1004      Virginia style CS two piece buckle, pointed serif, made by Hanover Brass
"This reproduction CS Pointed Style Serifs style Two Piece is a MUST for anyone who enjoys civil war belt buckles. It is cast from red brass. The Confederate foundries lacked the zinc that was used to turn the copper yellow. Has original look. The original was dug from private land in White Oak Swamp battle area by Gary Williams, veteran relic hunter.. A beautiful CS two piece. .Pretty, Pretty, Pretty!"

Source: jaglady00 ebay auction 3/12/06 "CS 2-Piece (Pointed Serifs Style) Belt Buckle Plate Item number: 6611624415"

Editor note: "jaglady00" is Hanover Brass, items sold as reproductions.   

F1189     Virginia style CS two piece buckle, pointed serif, made by Hanover Brass
F1189.jpg (43875 bytes) 
F1189B.jpg (28759 bytes) F1189C.jpg (25021 bytes) 
F1189D.jpg (34777 bytes) F1189E.jpg (28382 bytes) 
Tongue keeper 47.5mm
Wreath keeper 48.8mm
Wreath height 48.1mm

Plate was obtained directly from Hanover Brass with the following comment:
"CS two piece, pointed letters 1 or 2mm smaller.  Also study the detail, all my reproductions of this plate will look alike.  Most all originals are red brass.  Confederate foundries lacked zinc to turn copper yellow."

Additional photos and text posted on civilwarfakes.com, (Gary Williams webpage): 
Photo # CS2P6 Plate 007 (Pointed Serifs) Richmond CS Two Piece Belt Plate. 46 x 82/wreath ht.48 Original dug by Wesley Smith Petersburg, Va. Original has a high copper content in the metal. I have cast several thousand of this type over the pass thirty years so all will look the same. When faking belt plates for some reason people like to hammer the buckle. GW stamped in the back of the tongue.

Editor note: Plate was obtained directly from Hanover Brass as a sample of his production.  Note that any maker marks on this buckle are weak, apparently so that they can be easily removed or obscured. 

F1192     Virginia style CS two piece buckle, pointed serif, made by Tim Parsley
F1192.jpg (39460 bytes) 
F1192B.jpg (22025 bytes) F1192C.jpg (22527 bytes) 
F1192D.jpg (35787 bytes) F1192E.jpg (27038 bytes)  
Tongue keeper 46.7mm
Wreath keeper 47.2mm
Wreath height 48.7mm

Editor Note: Plate was obtained directly from Tim Parsley. There is a "P" stamped on the wreath.  The dark area on the back of the tongue is very smooth, this is where the buckle was poured, then milled to cut the sprue.  I do not see any other maker marks on the tongue.

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