Fakes, reproductions, replicas,
an investigative report, by Harry Ridgeway 

Fakes, reproductions, replicas,
Militia officer two part buckle, Federal plates 274 to 279

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Fancy pattern usually employs die stamped motif applied to a cast tongue, wreath may be plain or decorated, ornate keepers. 

Pattern 278 Infantry
Original tongue was die cast motif applied

F1450      Militia two part buckle, infantry, pattern 278 or 279      

The originals of this pattern were die stamped, this example is cast and aged. 
Tongue keeper:  55.0mm
Wreath keeper:  54.0mm
Wreath height:  48.0mm

Plate was bought by a reputable dealer who has absorbed his loss, and gave this buckle to me to photograph for this fakes project.  It has a deep dark patina and is not marked in any way to identify it as a repro.

Gary Williams explanation (civilwarfakes.com Photo # EM19)

Plate 278 (variant) (1835-
1842 Eagle Infantry Two Piece Belt Plate.) 56 x 83/82 smooth wreath ht. Silver plated or brass. Marked GW. This is the two piece that I made for many years. The belt loops are bent and this has a cast tongue where the original has applied center disc. There is another shown that I cast now but this pattern was used for many years. Should not be a problem.

Editor note,  It is may not a "problem", now, but damn sure was a problem when you were making and selling them!

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