Fakes, reproductions, replicas,
an investigative report, by Harry Ridgeway 

Fakes, reproductions, replicas,
Militia two part buckles, eagle with squared tongue, Federal plates 324 to 333

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Plates 327 to 329  Eagle on squared tongue
This was  a stock patriotic plate, o
riginal of plates 327 and 328 were die struck squared disc applied.  Plate 329 is crudely cast, generally thought to have been used by northern militias, however enough are found on southern battlefields to suggest southern use was extensive.  Cast fakes can be very close to the original and are difficult to determine

F1230       Militia two piece buckle, eagle with fancy wreath, made by Tim Parsley
F1230.jpg (37985 bytes)
F1230B.jpg (22300 bytes) F1230C.jpg (17187 bytes) F1230D.jpg (28556 bytes) F1230E.jpg (28331 bytes) 
Tongue keeper 52.2mm 
Wreath keeper 51.1mm
Wreath height 49.4mm

Editor note: Plate was obtained directly from Tim Parsley as a sample of his production to be used in this presentation

F1080       Militia two piece buckle, eagle with fancy wreath, made by Hanover Brass
"This Early reproduction Militia 2- Piece is cast in yellow brass. Originals have been dug from battlefields and campsites. Worn by Massachusetts troops. Wearable or collectable."

Source: ebay auction by jaglady00 3/12/06 "Ca.1845-1860 Militia 2- piece Belt Buckle Plate Item number: 6611625428"

Editor note: "jaglady00" is Hanover Brass, items sold as reproductions.   

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