Fakes, reproductions, replicas,
an investigative report, by Harry Ridgeway 

Fakes, reproductions, replicas,
Militia panel plates, Federal plates 399 to 418

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Militia silvered militia panel plate, Eagle with 13 stars, Plate 403
The militia panel plates were stock plates issued to northern or southern state militia units.  Originals were made stamped brass on heavy sheet, no lead backing, hooks soldered

Early Militia silvered militia panel plate  

This plate was purchased from Mike Snyder of Florida.  It was purchased in April 2001, the fake was discovered in December 2001 and I attempted to return it the next time I saw him which was January 2002.  By then he claimed that he did not remember selling the piece so refused to refund it.  This is another issue lurking out there.  This was a cash sale at a show,  so without the sellers memory working the guarantee was worthless.  This fellow claimed to guarantee his relics but if he does not agree that he sold it, what can you do?  It is a good idea to get the guarantee in writing.  In defense of this seller, he probably didn't know it was a fake when he sold it to me, and maybe he really did not  remember it.  However, my memory is just fine on this piece, but I am the one stuck with it!  Meanwhile this gentleman has died so this fine piece has gone into my fakes box!

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