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Ridgeway Reference Archive, Civil War relics.
Currency, Alabama.

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Any artillery or ordnance relics have been disarmed and rendered safe.
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Alabama currency, 25 cents, June 1, 1863
Currency was issued by the Alabama state government June 1, 1863, "THE STATE OF ALABAMA / WILL PAY TO BEARER IN / Confederate States Treasury Notes When presented at the State Treasury / In sums of Twenty dollars & upward. / TWENTY-FIVE CENTS / Montgomery / RECEIVABLE IN PAYMENT OF ALL PUBLIC DUES.".  The note depicts the map of Alabama at left, a wagon load of cotton, at center, and Juliett Hopkins at right, black print on plain paper, red overlay, blank back.  Date is printed, serial number is hand inscribed, signature is hand signed.  Printing: "Eng'd by J. T. Paterson & Co Augusta, Ga.".
Ref: Criswell, AB6.

M0920     Alabama currency, 25 cents, June 1, 1863, 2nd series, G.