Old Court House Civil War Museum.

Winchester Virginia,
Winchester changed hands 70 times in the Civil War.


Events, 2004.

(Click on pictures for enlargement):

Re-enactors on front lawn:

Tim Machado, architect who participated in the renovation of The Old Court House Civil War Museum, presented an architectural tour:

Descendents of John Wills visit the court house.  (John Wills, 51st Virginia Infantry was captured September 19, 1864, Third Battle of Winchester and held at the court house. He scratched his name on the wall of the court house)

Descendents of  William McLachlan visit the court house.  William McLachlan, 118th Pennsylvania Infantry was captured at Shepherdstown Va  August 7, 1862 and held at the court house)

Amputations performed at the court house.  (they seemed very real!)

Presentations by the ladies of Winchester, ghosts of Winchester, and historical demonstrations.

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