Old Court House Civil War Museum

Winchester Virginia,
Winchester changed hands 70 times in the Civil War


Gathering of Eagles,
June 2008.

The program: 
UDC Memorial service at cemetery
Reading to youths at Godfrey Miller House
Strolling about the mall
Pickin’ & grinnin’ in the courtyard
Mathew Brady
Presidents Lincoln & Davis
Generals Lee & Grant
Infantry, artillery and cavalry, generals from both sides
State of Virginia vs US, Supreme Court case re sessission
Dinner with the Generals at local restaurants in mall area
Stan Clardy performs “Soldiers in Gray”
Naval Presentation Calvin Ashwell, Commander Farrand will display items concerning the C.S.S. Navy. 
Flags Presentation Bill Nordan
Ladies Fashion show  
Church Service|
Dr Dean Havron (local family doctor) will be strolling about the mall area playing banjo and other items
“Evergreen Shade” will be set up on the courthouse porch playing period music. 
Authors and artists will be set up on courthouse porch also

(Click on pictures for enlargement):


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