Old Court House Civil War Museum

Winchester Virginia,
Winchester changed hands 70 times in the Civil War


Gathering of Eagles,
June 5 & 6, 2010.

No black powder will get burned; no cannon or horses will be involved. How can this be a Civil War event? Easy. Just take an incredibly talented and dedicated group of people wearing wool uniforms, blue or gray, or elaborate hoopskirts, who will take spectators on a stimulating journey back to the 19th century, in their sights and in their minds. Stir them up with a Constitutional issue or two, or a spectator’s question critical of battle tactics from 147 years ago, and you have “A Civil War Gathering of Eagles.” This event, in its fourth edition at the Old Court House Museum in Winchester, Virginia, is unique among the plethora of War Between the States events being offered. It is billed as a “seminar” because it does not include the pseudo-battles that most “reenactments” offer as their main form of entertainment. Yet, rather than a dry lecture, the experience at “Gathering” is first-person and interactive – if you have a question for General Lee, or Abraham Lincoln, just ask them - they are there, in front of you, ready for any discussion you might desire. Hosted by the combined forces of “Lee’s Lieutenants” and the “Federal Generals Corps”, totaling to nearly 50 well-honed portrayals of real Civil War personas, “Gathering” is a phenomenon far beyond any other Civil War educational opportunity available. Debates on the Constitution and states’ rights, eerily similar to those same debates going on in our statehouses today, are carried on with certain knowledge of the Founders’ thoughts and positions about the reach of the Federal government. The thoughts, emotions, and experiences of battle-hardened Generals, and those who felt the brunt of the War, will be brought to the fore. Historian Shelby Foote once said that before one can truly understand the United States in the 21st century, one must understand the American Civil War. It is through events such as “Gathering” that such understanding can be readily gained. It is, year after year, stimulating, thought-provoking, and even inspiring, when one contemplates the courage and sacrifice of our forebears in thrashing out this gigantic controversy in a trial of fire and blood.


Schedule of events:
Friday - June 4  7 – 9 PM         Reception - Period music by Stan & Cathy Clardy  
Saturday – June 5  8:45-9:00         Welcome/Opening remarks  
9:00–10:15      Meet Union commanders & President Abraham Lincoln  
9:00-on going  Quilting Demonstration  
10:30–11:45    Meet Confederate commanders & President Jefferson Davis  
10:30- 11:45    Ladies Symposium  
11:45-1:15       Lunch (on your own)  
1:15-1:45         Group photos and Authors speak  
1:45-2:15         Ladies Tea  
1:45-2:15         Presidential debate – Presidents Lincoln & Davis discuss the issues  
2:30-3:00         Confederate Navy – Commander Ebenezer Farrand
3:15-5:00         Gettysburg Campaign, “Through the eyes of those who lived it”
3:30                 The Games We Played  
5:00-7:00         Dinner (on your own)  
8:00                 Special presentation - “Soldiers in Gray”  
Sunday – June 6  9:00 – 10:00    Period Church Service  
10:15-10:45     Meet Mathew Brady, Civil War Photographer
11:00-12:45     Total engagement – Union & Confederate personnel and others Conclusion of Seminar 

(Click on pictures for enlargement):


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