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P2119 ### Rifleman two-part clasping belt plate, regulation 1855.
This plain buckle was authorized by regulation in 1855 and was used to fasten the infantryman belt from which a saber bayonet could be hung when not in use. The saber bayonet was carried like a sword and it could either be used as a sword or be affixed to the musket and used as a bayonet. Use of this belt rig was short lived, the new socket bayonet, adopted for the Regulation 1855 and 1861 muskets was carried on the end of the musket and no longer needed to be hung from the belt.The clasping buckle was made in four parts, the clasp on the back is brazed, the two keepers were designed to adjust the slackReference: O'Donnell Campbell, Plates 903.
Plate measures 73mm, keepers are longer.One-part with keeper.Dug plate. Recovered Charles Town Virginia (now WV) area.
For Sale. ************* $150. **Sale pending***

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Any excavated relics have been recovered from private property with owners permission.

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