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Civil War buckles and plates, Relicman sales catalog:

Sales-Plate2000-FedSword ### Federal sword belt plates.

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P3559 ### Federal sword belt plate, regulation 1851, eagle with applied wreath.
Buckle depicts patriotic eagle, and was used by by officers carrying swords, and enlisted cavalry, following the regulation of 1851, most were manufactured 1850's to end of the Civil War.The plate was made of cast brass, eagle is integral to the casting, wreath is applied.Reference: O'Donnell Campbell, Plate 663.
Plate measures 55.6mm x 88mm, approximately.Brench mark 668Nondug plate.
For Sale. ************* $375.

P3613 ### Federal sword belt plate, keeper.
Check fit and type, there are many different patterns.Recovered: Shenandoah Valley, Va.
For Sale. ************* $25.

All items listed are guaranteed authentic to the Civil War or as otherwise described.
Any excavated relics have been recovered from private property with owners permission.

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