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Civil War Buttons

by Harry Ridgeway

The states, (34 states at start of war, West Virginia was 35th state).
The states, (34 states at start of war, West Virginia was 35th state):

Southern states, by secession, (11).
North Carolina
South Carolina

Northern loyal states, (21).
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New York
Rhode Island

Northern states, by secession from southern states, (1).
West Virginia.

Southern states that did not secede, (2)

Research Center: Button3000-000 .
Reference Albert GI54 to GI68.

Details click: http://relicman.com/buttons/Button3000-000.html

Militia button, general service.
Militia, general service button, not designated for a specific state or unit. Button bears patriotic symbolism, eagle, stars, etc, and was stock item supplied to state militias.
Research Center: Button3100-Militia-000 .
Reference Albert GI54 to GI68.

Details click: http://relicman.com/buttons/Button3100-Militia-000.html

Alabama buttons, state use.
Alabama buttons, state use. Alabama symbolism, map of Alabama nailed to a tree.
Research Center: Button3200-Alabama-000 .
Reference: Albert AB..., Tice AB…

Details click: http://relicman.com/buttons/Button3200-Alabama-000.html

Arkansas buttons, state use.
Arkansas buttons, state use. Arkansas symbolism, Goddess of Liberty over a shield with two eagles surrounding.
Research Center: Button3400-Arkansas-000 . Reference: Albert AK..., Tice AK...

Details click: http://relicman.com/buttons/Button3400-Arkansas-000.html

California buttons, state use.
California buttons, state use. California symbolism, Minerva with Eureka.
Research Center: Button3500-California-000 .
Reference: Albert CF..., Tice CF...

Details click: http://relicman.com/buttons/Button3500-California-000.html

Connecticut buttons.
Connecticut symbolism, grape vines transplanted.
Research Center: Button3600-Connecticut-000 .
Reference: Albert CT…, Tice CT…...

Details click: http://relicman.com/buttons/Button3600-Connecticut-000.html

Delaware button.
Delaware button. Delaware symbolism, farmer, rifleman, sailing ship, sheaf of wheat, ear of corn.
Research Center: Button3700-Delaware-000 .
Reference: Albert DL..., Tice DL...

Details click: http://relicman.com/buttons/Button3700-Delaware-000.html

Dakota Territory, North Dakota and South Dakota
Dakota was organized as a Territory in 1861, South Dakota was admitted in 1889, the 40th state, North Dakota was admitted in 1889, the 42nd state.
Research Center: Button3750-Dakota-000 .

Details click: http://relicman.com/buttons/Button3750-Dakota-000.html

Florida buttons, state use
Florida buttons, state use. Florida symbolism, territorial seal, eagle over cactus, and Cherokee rose.
Research Center: Button3800-Florida-000 .
Reference: Albert FL.., Tice FL...

Details click: http://relicman.com/buttons/Button3800-Florida-000.html

Georgia, state use buttons.
Georgia, state use buttons. Georgia symbolism, colonial period, snake, Don't Tread on Me. Georgia symbolism, state seal, dome bearing Constitution supported by three pillars, Wisdom, Justice, and Moderation.
Research Center: Button3900-Georgia-000 .
Reference: Albert GA…, Tice GA…

Details click: http://relicman.com/buttons/Button3900-Georgia-000.html

Hawaii button
Hawaii button. Hawaii was discovered by Captain Cook in 1778, a Monarchy was formed in 1791, a Republic was formed in 1894, it was annexed by the US in 1898, organized as a Territory in 1900, and became a state in 1959. Any buttons issued near the American Civil War would be attributed to the period it operated as an independent Monarch or Republic.
Research Center: Button4000-Hawaii-000 .
Reference: Albert HI....

Details click: http://relicman.com/buttons/Button4000-Hawaii-000.html

Illinois button.
Illinois button.Illinois was admitted to the Union, 1818. Illinois state symbolism, eagle with streamer, bearing State Sovereighty, National Unity. Most Illinois buttons date to the Indian War period, following the Civil War.
Research Center: Button4100-Illinois-000 .
Reference: Albert IL..., Tice IL…

Details click: http://relicman.com/buttons/Button4100-Illinois-000.html

Iowa button
Iowa button. Iowa was admitted as a state in 1846. Iowa territorial symbolism, eagle holding arrow in beak, with bow in one talon. Iowa state symbolism, American flag with a soldier in front, shock of wheat, river boat, and log cabin in the background. Most Iowa buttons date to the Indian War period, following the Civil War.
Research Center: Button4200-Iowa-000 .
Reference: Albert IA...

Details click: http://relicman.com/buttons/Button4200-Iowa-000.html

Kentucky buttons, state use.
Kentucky buttons, state use. Kentucky symbolism, two Kentucky gentlemen shaking hands.
Research Center: Button4300-Kentucky-000 . Reference: Albert KY.... Tice KY...

Details click: http://relicman.com/buttons/Button4300-Kentucky-000.html

Louisiana buttons, state use.
Louisiana buttons, state use. Louisiana symbolism, Pelican feeding her young.
Research Center: Button4400-Louisiana-000 . Reference: Albert LA..., Tice LA....

Details click: http://relicman.com/buttons/Button4400-Louisiana-000.html

Maine buttons, state use.
Maine early symbolism, north star. Maine later symbolsm, north star, northern pine, husbandman, and plow.
Research Center: Button4500-Maine-000 .
Reference: Albert ME..., Tice ME….

Details click: http://relicman.com/buttons/Button4500-Maine-000.html

Maryland buttons, state use.
Maryland buttons, state use Maryland symbolism, eagle over a shield with a farmer and fisherman.
Research Center: Button4600-Maryland-000 .
Albert MD..., Tice MD….

Details click: http://relicman.com/buttons/Button4600-Maryland-000.html

Massachusetts buttons, state use
Massachusetts buttons, state use. Massachusetts early symbolism, native American. Massachusetts later symbolism, arm with sword.
Research Center: Button4700-Massachusetts-000 .
Reference: Albert MS…., Tice MS…

Details click: http://relicman.com/buttons/Button4700-Massachusetts-000.html

Michigan button, state use.
Michigan button, state use Michigan symbolism, elk and moose.
Research Center: Button4900-Michigan-000 .
Albert MG..., Tice MG….

Details click: http://relicman.com/buttons/Button4900-Michigan-000.html

Minnesota buttons, state use.
Minnesota buttons, state use. Minnesota symbolism, eagle around shield with plowman and native American.
Research Center: Button5000-Minnesota-000 .
Reference: Albert MN..., Tice MN...

Details click: http://relicman.com/buttons/Button5000-Minnesota-000.html

Mississippi buttons, state use.
Mississippi buttons, state use. Mississippi symbolism, star.
Research Center: Button5100-Mississippi-000 . Reference: Albert MP..., Tice MP....

Details click: http://relicman.com/buttons/Button5100-Mississippi-000.html

Missouri button, state use
Missouri button, state use. Missouri symbolism, bears around a shield.
Research Center: Button5200-Missouri-000 .
Reference: Albert MO..., Tice MO...

Details click: http://relicman.com/buttons/Button5200-Missouri-000.html

Nevada button, state use.
Nevada button, state use. Nevada symbolsim, agriculture and mining, with mountains and rising sun. All manufactured after the American Civil War.
Research Center: Button5350-Nevada-000 .
Reference: Albert NV…

Details click: http://relicman.com/buttons/Button5350-Nevada-000.html

New Hampshire buttons, state general use.
New Hampshire svmbolism, sailing ship, Raleigh, being built for the Continental Navy.
Research Center: Button5400-NewHampshire-000 .
Reference: Albert NH..., Tice NH….

Details click: http://relicman.com/buttons/Button5400-NewHampshire-000.html

New Jersey buttons, state use.
New Jersey buttons, state useNew Jersey symbolism, ladies Liberty and Ceres.
Research Center: Button5500-NewJersey-000 .
Reference: Albert NJ..., Tice NJ…

Details click: http://relicman.com/buttons/Button5500-NewJersey-000.html

New York buttons.
New York symbolism, eagle with shield, and Excelsior, general use for New York.
Research Center: Button5600-NewYork-000 .
Reference: Albert NY.., Tice NY…

Details click: http://relicman.com/buttons/Button5600-NewYork-000.html

North Carolina button, state use.
North Carolina button, state use. North Carolina symbolism, Ladies, Plenty and Liberty, and sun burst with NC.
Research Center: Button5800-NorthCarolina-000 .
Reference: Albert NC…, TiceNC…

Details click: http://relicman.com/buttons/Button5800-NorthCarolina-000.html

Ohio button, state use.
Ohio button, state use. Ohio symbolism, sunrise over the new state, with river commerce.
Research Center: Button5900-Ohio-000 .
Reference: Albert OH..., Tice OH...

Details click: http://relicman.com/buttons/Button5900-Ohio-000.html

Pennsylvania buttons, state use.
Pennsylvania symbolism, horses with agriculture and commerce.
Research Center: Button6100-Pennsylvania-000 . Reference: Albert PA..., Tice PA....

Details click: http://relicman.com/buttons/Button6100-Pennsylvania-000.html

Rhode Island buttons, state use.
Rhode Island symbolism, fouled anchor and Hope.
Research Center: Button6200-RhodeIsland-000 .
Albert RI..., Tice RI.....

Details click: http://relicman.com/buttons/Button6200-RhodeIsland-000.html

South Carolina button, state use.
South Carolina button, state use. South Carolina symbolism, palmetto tree over an oak log.
Research Center: Button6300-SouthCarolina-000 . Reference: Albert SC..., Tice SC…

Details click: http://relicman.com/buttons/Button6300-SouthCarolina-000.html

Tennessee button, state use.
Tennessee button, state use. Tennessee symbolism, agriculture and commerce.
Research Center: Button6400-Tennessee-000 .
Reference: Albert TN..., Tice TN...

Details click: http://relicman.com/buttons/Button6400-Tennessee-000.html

Republic of Texas buttons.
Republic of Texas was an independent republic, 1836 to 1845.
Research Center: Button6500-TexasRepublic-000 . Reference: Albert TX1 to TX16. Reference: Tice TX200 to TX226.

Details click: http://relicman.com/buttons/Button6500-TexasRepublic-000.html

Texas buttons, state use.
Texas buttons, state use. Texas symbolism, lone star.
Research Center: Button6600-Texas-000 .
Reference: Albert TX…, Tice TX….

Details click: http://relicman.com/buttons/Button6600-Texas-000.html

Vermont buttons, state use.
Vermont symbolism, stag head with pine tree, mountains, and agriculture.
Research Center: Button6700-Vermont-000 .
Albert VT..., Tice VT…

Details click: http://relicman.com/buttons/Button6700-Vermont-000.html

Virginia state buttons.
Virginia symbolism, Virtus slaying the tyrant.
Research Center: Button6800-Virginia-000 .
Reference: Albert VA01... Tice VA…

Details click: http://relicman.com/buttons/Button6800-Virginia-000.html

West Virginia button, state use.
West Virginia button. West Virginia separated from Virginia in 1863, and was admitted to the Union as 35th state, the last by the end of the Civil War. West Virginia symbolism, farmer and miner standing beside a rock.
Research Center: Button7000-WestVirginia-000 .
Reference: Albert WV...

Details click: http://relicman.com/buttons/Button7000-WestVirginia-000.html

Wisconsin button, state use.
Wisconsin button, state use. Wisconsin symbolism, badger with sailor and yoeman.
Research Center: Button7100-Wisconsin-000 .
Reference: Albert WC..., Tice WC...

Details click: http://relicman.com/buttons/Button7100-Wisconsin-000.html

District of Columbia button.
District of Columbia button.
Research Center: Button7800-DistrictColumbia-000 .
Reference: Albert DC..., Tice DC...

Details click: http://relicman.com/buttons/Button7800-DistrictColumbia-000.html

This is the "Ridgeway Civil War Research Center", a research tool for educational purposes only, and is provided at no cost to the reader. Some of the relics listed are retained in the author's collection, most reside in other collections and are not owned by the author. None of the items listed in this section are for sale, please refer to relicman.com sales listings for items offered for sale. This is a work in progress, I list items as I get to them, there are many patterns that are not listed yet, this list will be regularly updated as I get pictures and descriptions for more items. I will also correct mistakes, so if you see any please tell me. All items listed are believed to be authentic to the Civil War or as otherwise described. Any excavated relics have been recovered from private property with owners permission.This information is available for research purposes, pictures may be used by permission only.

Most information on this page is from:
Uniform Buttons of the United States 1776 - 1865, by Warren K.Tice.
Dating buttons; A Chronology of Button Types, Makers, Retailers & Their Backmarks, by Warren K. Tice.
Directory of American Military Goods Dealers & Makers, by Bruce S. Bazelon and William F. Guinn.
Record of American Uniform and Historical Buttons, Bicentennial Edition, by Alphaeus H. Albert.
Pictures are generally by the author, unless otherwise indicated.

Ridgeway Civil War Research Center,
A virtual examination of artifacts of the American Civil War
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Research center, buttons, click: http://relicman.com/buttons/Button0000-Index.html.

Ridgeway Civil War Research Center,
A virtual examination of artifacts of the American Civil War
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