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Civil War Plates and Buckles

by Harry Ridgeway

Federal government issued plate.

Research Center: Plate1000-Federal-000 .

Details click: http://relicman.com/plates/Plate1000-Federal-000.html

Federal, non commissioned officer, two part plate, Regulation 1832 and 1834.

Research Center: Plate1260-Federal-TwoPart-000 . Reference: O'Donnell & Campbell, illustrations 245 to 249.

Details click: http://relicman.com/plates/Plate1260-Federal-TwoPart-000.html

Federal, waist belt plate, two part plate, US, Artillery. Regulation 1839.

Research Center: Plate1270-Federal-TwoPart-000 . Reference: O'Donnell & Campbell, illustrations 252 to 256.

Details click: http://relicman.com/plates/Plate1270-Federal-TwoPart-000.html

Federal, waist belt plate, two part plate, post war patterns.
Federal, waist belt plate, two part plate, post war patterns.
Research Center: Plate1280-Federal-TwoPart-000 .

Details click: http://relicman.com/plates/Plate1280-Federal-TwoPart-000.html

Federal sword waist plate, eagle with wreath, Regulation 1851.
The Federal sword plate was authorized in 1851, initially intended for commissioned officers carrying a sword. By 1864 use by enlisted cavalry was extensive.
Research Center: Plate1400-Federal-Sword . Reference: O'Donnell & Campbell, illustrations 603 to 666..

Details click: http://relicman.com/plates/Plate1400-Federal-Sword-000.html

Federal sword belt plate, regulation 1874.

Research Center: Plate1510-Federal-Reg1874-000 . Reference: O'Donnell & Campbell, illustrations 914 to 924.

Details click: http://relicman.com/plates/Plate1510-Federal-Reg1874-000.html

Federal sword belt plate, US, Hagner, pattern 1872.

Research Center: Plate1550-Federal-Hagner-000 . Reference: O'Donnell & Campbell, illustrations 925 to 940, Federal issue only, state or militia items classified seperately.

Details click: http://relicman.com/plates/Plate1550-Federal-Hagner-000.html

Federal rectangular plates, other patterns
Most are 20th century
Research Center: Plate1590-Federal-000 .

Details click: http://relicman.com/plates/Plate1590-Federal-000.html

Federal shoulder plate, Reg 1819.

Research Center: Plate1650-Federal-Shoulder-000 .

Details click: http://relicman.com/plates/Plate1650-Federal-Shoulder-000.html

Federal shoulder plate.
Federal shoulder plate, rectangle. Plate depicts US surrounded by a wreath intended for officers during the Mexican War period.
Research Center: Plate1670-Federal-Shoulder-000 .

Details click: http://relicman.com/plates/Plate1670-Federal-Shoulder-000.html

Federal round shoulder plate, with eagle.
Use of the round shoulder plate was approved with the regulation of 1826, most were manufactured 1850's through end of the Civil War. Designed as adornment only for the shoulder strap, the plate was die struck on thin brass sheet, solder filled, wire loop hooks. Plate is usually configured with two iron loop hooks for the enlisted soldier, but is sometimes configured with three iron hooks for the non-commissioned officer.
Research Center: Plate1700-Federal-Shoulder-000 . Reference: O'Donnell & Campbell, illustrations 439 to 474, (state or militia plates are listed under the applicable states).

Details click: http://relicman.com/plates/Plate1700-Federal-Shoulder-000.html

Federal oval plate, US, small size
Manufactured ca 1840's.
Research Center: Plate1830-Federal-Oval-US-000 . Reference: O'Donnell & Campbell, illustrations 518 to 534.

Details click: http://relicman.com/plates/Plate1830-Federal-Oval-US-000.html

Federal oval plate, US, medium size
Manufactured ca 1840's.
Research Center: Plate1850-Federal-Oval-US-000 .

Details click: http://relicman.com/plates/Plate1850-Federal-Oval-US-000.html

Federal oval plate, US.
Manufactured ca 1850's, to 1865, end of the Civil War.
Research Center: Plate1860-Federal-Oval-US-000 . Reference: O'Donnell & Campbell, illustrations 475 to 511.

Details click: http://relicman.com/plates/Plate1860-Federal-Oval-US-000.html

Federal Carbine sling buckle, Regulation 1841.
Federal Carbine sling buckle, Regulation 1841. Plate fastened a strap that fit over the shoulder enabling the enlisted cavalryman to carry his carbine hands free, while on horseback.
Research Center: Plate1910-Federal-Sling-000 . Reference: O'Donnell & Campbell, illustrations 799 and 800.

Details click: http://relicman.com/plates/Plate1910-Federal-Sling-000.html

Federal plate, drumstick carrier.
Plate was designed to enable the drummer to carry the drum sticks when not in use.
Research Center: Plate1920-Federal-Musician-000 . Reference: O'Donnell & Campbell, illustrations 801 and 802.

Details click: http://relicman.com/plates/Plate1920-Federal-Musician-000.html

Federal Riflemen, Regulation 1855.
This plain buckle was authorized by regulation in 1855 and was used to fasten the infantryman belt from which a saber bayonet could be hung when not in use. The saber bayonet was carried like a sword and it could either be used as a sword or be affixed to the musket and used as a bayonet. Use of this belt rig was short lived, the new socket bayonet, adopted for the Regulation 1855 and 1861 muskets was carried on the end of the musket and no longer needed to be hung from the belt.
Research Center: Plate1930-Federal-Riflemen-000 . Reference: O'Donnell & Campbell, illustrations 902 and 903.

Details click: http://relicman.com/plates/Plate1930-Federal-Riflemen-000.html

Federal waist belt plaate, Manns Patent
This simple design was introduced in 1863 and most were used by state units.
Research Center: Plate1940-Federal-MannsPatent-000 . Reference: O'Donnell & Campbell, illustration 911.

Details click: http://relicman.com/plates/Plate1940-Federal-MannsPatent-000.html

Federal Martingale.
The martingale provided ornamantation to a horse rig, in effect a shoulder plate for a horse.
Research Center: Plate1950-Federal-Martingale-000 . Reference: O'Donnell & Campbell, illustrations 419 to 438, Federal government only, militia and state issued are seperately classified.

Details click: http://relicman.com/plates/Plate1950-Federal-Martingale-000.html

Federal Navy plate, Regulation 1852

Research Center: Plate2060-Federal-Navy-000 . Reference: O'Donnell & Campbell, illustrations 1003 to 1010.

Details click: http://relicman.com/plates/Plate2060-Federal-Navy-000.html

This is the "Ridgeway Civil War Research Center", a research tool for educational purposes only, and is provided at no cost to the reader. Some of the relics listed are retained in the author's collection, most reside in other collections and are not owned by the author. None of the items listed in this section are for sale, please refer to relicman.com sales listings for items offered for sale. This is a work in progress, I list items as I get to them, there are many patterns that are not listed yet, this list will be regularly updated as I get pictures and descriptions for more items. I will also correct mistakes, so if you see any please tell me. All items listed are believed to be authentic to the Civil War or as otherwise described. Any excavated relics have been recovered from private property with owners permission.This information is available for research purposes, pictures may be used by permission only.

Most information on this page is from:
Plates and Buckles of the American Military 1795 - 1874, by Sydney C. Kerksis.
Confederate Belt Buckles & Plates, by Steve E Mullinax.
American Military Belt Plates, by Michael J. O'Donnell & J.Duncan Campbell.

Ridgeway Civil War Research Center,
A virtual examination of artifacts of the American Civil War
Plates and buckles
Research center, plates, click: http://relicman.com/plates/Plate0000-Index.html.

Research center, plates and buckles, click: http://relicman.com/plates/Plate0000-Index.html.

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