Fakes, reproductions, replicas,
an investigative report, by Harry Ridgeway 

Fakes, reproductions, replicas,
Confederate buckles

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Plate references refer to Confederate Belt Buckles & Plates, Expanded Edition, by Steve E. Mullinax.

CS two part plates, fantasy  patterns    

CS two part Richmond or Virginia style, Confederate plates 001, and 003 to 005 

CS two piece buckle, script letter style, Confederate plate 002  

CS two part plates, exaggerated serif, Confederate plate 006   

CS two piece buckle, pointed serif, Confederate plates 007 and 008  

CS two part buckle, flat back, disproportionate S, Confederate plates 009 to 012  

CS two part buckle, balls serifs, Confederate plates 013 to 014 

CS two piece buckle, Haiman style, Confederate plates 015 through 018 

CS two part buckle, fat letters, Confederate plates 019 to 0024  

CS two piece buckle, Gothic letter style, Confederate plates 025 to 027    

CS two piece buckles, Leech & Rigdon,  Confederate plates 030 to 044  

CS two part buckle, coin style, Confederate plates 054 to 056   

CS two part buckles, ringed wreath style, Confederate plates 057 to 061   

CSA two part buckles, Confederate plates  062 to 064, & 346   

CS two part buckle, artillery style, Confederate plates 066 to 067  

Confederate two part buckle, artillery style plain face, Confederate plate 068  

Confederate Navy two part buckle, fouled anchor style, Confederate plates 080 & 081 

CSA rectangle belt plate, Atlanta style, Confederate plates 084 to 101 

CSA rectangle buckles, Virginia style, Confederate plates 102 to 109 

CSA rectangle buckle, pewter, Confederate plates 112 & 113  

CSA rectangle, big cast buckle, Confederate plates 114 to 117   

CS cast rectangle clip corner buckle, Confederate plates 125 to 132   

CS or CSA oval, fantasy plate 

CS oval egg style buckle, Confederate plates 136 to 139 

CS oval plate, "regulation", Confederate plates 144 to 147 

CS oval, Breckinridge style, Confederate plates 148 to 156      

CS oval buckle with eleven stars, Confederate plate 159 

CSA oval buckle, Confederate plate 161  

Frame buckles, Confederate plates 163 to 183  

Alabama two part plates, Confederate plates 210 to 214 

Alabama sword plate, Confederate plate 215 

Georgia two piece buckles, Confederate plates 230 to 241     

Georgia oval plates, Confederate plates 242 to 245  

Georgia rectangle buckle, Confederate plates 246 to 247  

GMI, Georgia Military Institute shoulder plate, Confederate plate 253  

Louisiana two piece buckles, Confederate plates 266 to 279 

Louisiana lead filled rectangle buckle, Confederate plates 282 to 286 

Louisiana rectangle belt plate, active pelican, Confederate plates 287 to 288   

Maryland oval plates, Confederate plates 303 & 304 

Maryland sword plate, Confederate plate 305 

Mississippi oval, patterns 306 and 307 

Star two part buckles, Confederate plate 311 to 317 

Star two piece buckle, rectangle tongue, Confederate plate 318 

Texas sword plate, Confederate plate 324 & 325 

Star oval patterns, Texas or Mississippi, Confederate plates 328 and 329  

Vicksburg Sharpshooters two part buckle, Confederate plate 330 

North Carolina two piece buckles, Confederate plates 332 to 337 

North Carolina oval, Confederate plates 338 & 339 

North Carolina 6th Infantry, Confederate plates 340 to 345 

South Carolina rectangle plates, Confederate plates 375 to 388   

South Carolina oval plates, Confederate plates 389 to 392   

South Carolina round shoulder plates, Confederate plates 393 to 400  

Virginia two part buckles, Confederate plates 404 to 428  

Virginia rectangle buckle,  Confederate plates 431 to 433  

Virginia sword plate, Confederate plate 434  

Virginia sword plate number "29"  

Virginia shoulder plate, Confederate plates 436 to 439 

Mount Vernon Guards 175th Regiment, Confederate plate 450  

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